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Panorama, British Columbia, Canada

Nordix at Panorama
Embracing the Iconic Canadian Rockies
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Few things resonate more deeply with the Canadian spirit than the rugged majesty of the Rocky Mountains and the adrenaline thrill of winter sports. Back in 2020, when we discovered the first new land development opportunity in Panorama Mountain Resort in 15 years, we were awestruck and teeming with anticipation.

Panorama, nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, is more than just a mountain resort. It’s a close-knit community, a home away from home, brimming with excitement and a shared passion for outdoor adventure. It’s one of the few places near Calgary where you can wake up on the mountains, strap on your skis or snowboard, and hit the slopes right from your doorstep. Its magnetic pull is palpable, captivating residents and visitors alike, and ensuring its continued vibrancy and appeal.


The past few years have seen a surge of interest in recreational real estate. The pandemic, despite its myriad challenges, has also opened up new ways of thinking about how and where we live. With more people than ever able to work from home, the allure of mountain living has gained new momentum. At the same time, the intricate task of designing and building on mountainous terrain required careful navigation and thoughtful innovation. We welcomed these challenges head-on, transforming them into opportunities to envision, design, and realize unique, state-of-the-art ski homes made for active mountain living.

One of our primary goals was to cater to ski-loving families. To achieve this, we placed a particular emphasis on formulating an ideal layout and integrating features that enhance the outdoor lifestyle. With installed boot and glove dryers, generous gear storage, and optional hot tubs, Nordix is primed for individuals and families who breathe in the mountain air and live the alpine lifestyle.


We broke ground on Nordix in 2022, aiming to blend Scandinavian-inspired architecture with mountain resort living. The project has moved at an exciting pace, with the first units set to be delivered by Q4 2023 and completion slated for Q4 2024. As the Scandinavian-inspired exteriors take shape, we can already see the awe-inspiring blend of natural stone, exposed timber, and angled rooflines that will welcome future homeowners and their guests.


Looking back, it’s evident that our excitement upon discovering this project was well-founded. Our Nordix journey has been a tale of adventure, community, and architectural creativity. We’re thrilled to contribute to the vibrant narrative of Panorama, and can’t wait for the day when the first residents of Nordix join the Panorama family.

Type: Residential/Resort/Single Family Location: Panorama, British Columbia, Canada Year Completed: Phase 1 – 2023 Partners Involved: