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Lake Country, British Columbia, Canada

Zara at Lakestone
Honouring a name and a landscape

Four years ago, we embarked on a journey, acquiring a picturesque piece of land overlooking Okanagan Lake in Lake Country, BC. Our vision was to fuse an upscale lifestyle with the tranquillity of nature, transforming the bluff into a harmonious symphony of luxury residences and retail. Transforming the bluff into a harmonious symphony of luxury residences. Each meticulously crafted home would be equipped with design-forward kitchens and expansive outdoor living spaces, exuding an air of refined elegance. We envisioned world-class resort-inspired amenities from a private infinity pool, sauna, and fitness center to social lounges and a future restaurant. Amidst our planning, a personal tragedy struck—my niece, Zara, passed away in a horse accident. In honour of her spirit and zest for life, we named our most ambitious project yet after Zara, setting out to meet her high standards in every detail.

Two years of meticulous planning led to the birth of Zara at Lakestone, a collection of 86 exclusive residences and five thousand square feet of retail, the first and only luxury condominiums within the Lakestone community. However, Zara isn’t solely about luxury and refinement; it was designed to interact with the beauty of its surroundings. With the backdrop of Okanagan Valley’s stunning landscapes, we designed Zara to maximize the enjoyment of nature’s majesty. The awe-inspiring panorama of lush forests, imposing mountains, and the serene lake can be experienced throughout the year from just about every unit.

The sales response to Zara was overwhelmingly positive. We broke all previous sales records in Lake Country, selling out within the first 30 days. It was powerful and exciting to see our labour of love resonating with so many people. However, as we readied for construction, we found ourselves navigating one of the most challenging economic and trade environments ever due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Record cost escalations, supply chain disruptions, and a volatile construction landscape added layers of complexity to our journey. But our company and project’s spirit thrived on these challenges and turned them into opportunities.

Late 2022 marked the beginning of the construction phase—and our excitement is mounting as we anticipate welcoming our first residents in September 2024, an accomplishment that seemed distant and challenging during the height of Covid.

Type: Resort Residential Size: 86 Luxury Condominiums Location: 9652 Benchland Drive, Lake Country, British Columbia Year Completed: 2024 Partners Involved: