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Dominium is a western Canadian real estate developer based in Calgary with over 30 years of real estate development and construction experience including over a thousand homes and several hundred thousand commercial square feet completed. We share ownership with The Many, the LA-based award-winning advertising and connections agency, giving us a uniquely customer and brand-driven focus.

What Sets Us Apart?

Development is a challenging business where it’s often tough to make the numbers work. This can lead to “spreadsheet thinking” where the financial math drives the vision, often robbing the magic from projects.

 At Dominium, we lead with the project vision, and end with the spreadsheet rather than starting with it. We’re forward-thinkers who look at each piece of land as an opportunity to create something inspiring. We ask ourselves, “What does this site deserve? What can we do here that will leave people in awe?” This drive to make something special is what makes us different from the traditional developer crowd.

Our Values

People often ask what it’s like to work with us. Our core values shape who we are and how we collaborate. Here’s a quick introduction to what we stand for:

Align Interests

We’re all about creating win-win situations. When we help others succeed, we create more opportunities for everyone. It’s about working together toward shared goals.

Play Hard

We’re passionate about our work and dedicated to making a positive impact. Teamwork and a can-do attitude keep us going, even when the going gets tough.

Take Ownership

We own our successes and learn from our setbacks. Growth comes from rolling up our sleeves and taking responsibility for everything we do.

without ego

We approach every situation with open minds and a hunger for knowledge. Collaboration is our mantra, and we’re always ready to learn, leaving our egos at the door.

Our Team

We are a tight team operating
across two offices
in Victoria, BC
and Calgary, AB.

Amir Haque


Amir Haque is one of the founders of Dominium and leads the design side of our development practice, as well as our brand and marketing efforts.  He is currently being medicated for karaoke addiction.

Brydie McMullan

Executive Assistant

Brydie is the Executive Assistant at Dominium. She works hard to keep the calendars organized, the communication timely and all the balls in the air at once.

Chris Reaper

Sales Manager

Chris Reaper Meet Chris Reaper, our humble, dedicated, sales manager. With his dapper style, easy-to-talk-to Australian accent, and a love for the outdoors, Chris fosters connections and drives success with genuine compassion. Whether he’s closing deals or exploring nature, his humility shines through, making him an invaluable asset to our team.

Dustin Hooley

Project Manager

Dustin Hooley
Dustin Hooley: The Project Master! 19 years of nailing it in construction. He’s all about precision and known for his attention to detail. When he’s not on-site, you’ll find him conquering life, exploring nature, and fueling his passions.

Elen Andal


Elen Andal
Elen Andal, our talented accountant, is a hardworking and determined professional. Living amidst the mountains, she finds inspiration in nature. As a devoted mother, Elen supports her incredibly talented daughter. With her exceptional numerical skills and nurturing nature, she is a valuable asset to our team.

Garry Andal


Garry Andal
Introducing our adventurous Controller, who balances a love for travel with a strong work ethic and dedication to family.  Whether safeguarding financial resources or embarking on exciting journeys, Garry infuses each endeavor with enthusiasm and a keen eye for detail. Committed to both professional excellence and treasuring moments with loved ones, he brings a unique blend of ambition, wanderlust, and a deep appreciation for family bonds to our team.

Gino Limongello

VP of Construction & Operations

Gino Limongello
Gino Limongiello is a highly experienced Construction Professional with an incredible 34-years experience. He brings humor to the office, enjoys golfing with his family, and prioritizes the well-being of employees. With his expertise and lighthearted approach, Gino is a valued leader who fosters a positive work environment while ensuring top-notch construction projects.

Maria Mele

Operations Manager

Maria: The Homebuilding Maven! With 20 years of expertise and poise, she’s the go-to guru for construction. Juggling it all as a dedicated mother, she raises the industry bar with precision and style. Maria is the reigning queen of residential construction—an unstoppable force!

Maurice Tran

Sales Coordinator

Maurice Tran
Maurice Tran, the project sales maestro! He’s a master at building strong relationships, always on time, and dedicated to seeing things through. But beyond his professional prowess, Maurice is a loving family man, deeply passionate about his kids. His commitment to both work and family is unparalleled, ensuring top-notch service while cherishing the importance of his loved ones.

Misha Tran

Director of Corporate Development

Misha Tran Meet Misha, the spirited leader of our residential division, who brings a fiery passion to every aspect of her life. With an insatiable love for food and an unwavering dedication to her children, she embraces the joy of culinary delights and cherishes treasured moments with her family. Misha’s strong work ethic and unwavering commitment to excellence make her a valued leader, driving our residential division forward with vigor and determination. Her vibrant spirit and steadfast values make her an invaluable asset to our team.

Naser Khan


Naser Khan
The Principal of Dominium is a finance wizard with a keen eye for numbers, a delightful sense of humor, and expertise in deal structuring. Known for his strong work ethic, he tirelessly drives projects forward, maximizing financial outcomes through innovative and strategic deal structures. Beyond spreadsheets, he finds solace in reading, combining dedication and a passion for excellence in all endeavors.

Ola Shitta-Bey


Ola Shitta-Bey
Ola Shitta-Bey is our loyal estimator, a devoted mother of four successful children, and holds family and faith close to her heart. With a passion for numbers, she brings meticulous attention to detail to every project. Ola’s exceptional work ethic and commitment make her an invaluable asset to our team.

Shahzeb Raja

Chief Investment Officer

Shahzeb Raja: Our mysterious finance leader who lets his work speak volumes. With sharp skills and deep expertise, he drives our success. Beyond work, he enjoys traveling and diving, embracing exploration and personal growth.

Theresa Badillo


Introducing our dynamic accounting whiz, who is not only hardworking and eager to learn but also holds a deep love for traveling back home to be with family. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for numbers, Theresa excels in various accounting tasks. Continuously seeking personal and professional growth, Theresa brings a dedicated work ethic and a warm spirit to our team.

Our Partnerships

Building Strong Partnerships

Our deep understanding of finance, construction and of professional services has earned us amazing relationships with some of the best in the businesses. We’re proud to get to work with all of these firms