Meet the new neighbours: Dominium has arrived in Currie.

It’s a better kind of house with a smarter way to get it.

You can’t fit a house on a piece of paper. - Opens in new window

You can’t fit a house on a piece of paper.

Collaborate in virtual reality with Dominium’s team of designers, architects, and landscapers until your home is just the way you want it. No blueprints. No interpreting measurements. Just your home taking shape around you. We’ll even provide you with an Oculus Quest 2 headset so you can do it from home.

This is solid material. - Opens in new window

This is solid material.

Innovative steel-frame construction means bigger rooms, quieter spaces, and more energy-efficient homes, period. There’s a reason steel is the gold standard for commercial buildings, after all. Our exclusive relationship with Complete Framing Solutions brings world-class steel construction to your home.

This home is built for change. - Opens in new window

This home is built for change.

Your life won’t always look the same. Live in a space that grows with you. Moveable walls and reconfigurable spaces mean your home can flex and shift as your needs do.

About Us


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We’re the oldest new kids on the block. If experience has taught us one thing, it’s that innovation takes time. Well, we took it—with a thousand custom homes under our belt, we’ve pioneered a new way to design and build homes, which led us here. Currie is the culmination of everything we’ve discovered along the way—a set of homes designed in collaboration with homebuyers and the industry’s top professionals, all brought to life with leading-edge visualization and construction technologies.